Flynn Lives members were asked to track down Kevin Flynn's son Sam, and supporters from all over the world banded to together to locate him.

It all started on the Flynn Lives discussion boards where 'ZackAttack' posted a link to a Sam Tracker submission form.

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On a different thread, an old newspaper clipping was posted about Sam Flynn graduating from his high school – Wellminster Academy.

This led to, where members accessed the records of Sam Flynn by looking up his name in the 'Student Search.'

A counseling report mentioned Sam's interest in the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. Following this lead, the site was soon discovered.

By digging through the site, members uncovered that the school was located in a little-known, remote town in Brazil called Rio Fiamente. Sam's picture was also featured on the site confirming that he was indeed studying there.

The diligent Flynn Lives members used 'Zack's' form to send him this new information, and he quickly responded by contacting an operative who raced to the location of the school. Unfortunately, we just missed Sam, but his locker was found – all we needed was the combination to search the clues within.

Meanwhile, an update on the Encom intranet appeared featuring a shot of the returned Encom corporate helicopter at the McClaskey Airstrip.

In addition to learning that McClaskey Airstrip is the official private airport that serves the Encom fleet, members also found a partner site for

A subpage of this site revealed that they had custom made the parachute that Sam Flynn used to interrupt the San Francisco Encom press conference.

There was also a phone number on the Perfect Parachutes site where it was revealed that they had just partnered with a company known as Dumont Shipping.

Dumont Shipping is, in fact, a subdivision of Encom itself – an environmentally aware shipping service focused on reducing waste and lessening the carbon footprint of global deliveries.

Logging on with an Encom employee number gave access to recent Encom shipping records, one of which was a shipment from San Francisco to Brazil the day after the Encom press conference disruption.

Using this client number as the combination for the locker, we discovered some of Sam’s personal effects, including a message left behind for us from Sam himself.

Also in the locker was a copy of Digital Gaming, written by Kevin Flynn before he disappeared. Sam underlined selected bits of text to spell out a message for us that led to:

Good work everyone!!!