For over a year now, FLYNN LIVES members have been intercepting encoded signals and strange transmissions believed to be connected with Kevin Flynn.

Flynn was undeniably famous – a billionaire, celebrity, and legend – but, there was so much we never knew about him. This new evidence fleshes out the man, the myth, and the project he was developing before he disappeared.

Until now, the source of the transmissions have been a mystery. But a recent breakthrough leads us to believe that the signals are actually the result of a phenomenon known as a "Side Channel Attack."

Flynn wrote about the concept himself in his acclaimed masterpiece The Digital Frontier, and even implied that he was setting up a network of computers to test the theory. He vanished before he ever got a chance to try.

Flynn’s last public appearances were in 1988-89 when he travelled across the states on a book tour to promote the bestselling title. In each of the 16 cities he visited, it is suspected that he left behind a package with vital information.

We believe that this is the key to isolating the source of the signals - it will enable us to try to send our own message to Kevin Flynn.

We need your help to track down and retrieve these important clues, meet up with our field agents, and work together to generate a digital pulse that will hopefully reach Kevin.

Good Luck!