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Kudos on crashing the system! It's time to step away and marvel at the brilliant destruction we have wrought.

Still no word from Kevin Flynn, but our efforts have proven that he does exist... in our hearts, in our minds and (perhaps) somewhere beyond the limits of our techno-conscience.

And so, we are retiring into the shadows, much like Flynn himself... but we will never surrender. Say it with us one last time - FLYNN LIVES!

We summoned the ghost in the machine - but was it Kevin Flynn?

Our side channel attack was frighteningly effective. A global network of Flynn Lives emissaries connected the dots, retraced Flynn's final book tour, and created a real surge... not just a surge of electricity, but also of passion, dedication and intuition.

And it worked - we got through! But, where does this portal lead?

Feel free to dial up the ol' switchboard and experience it for yourself.

As the countdown reaches zero, our optimism soars anew.

ZackAttack has engineered the ultimate collaborative experience... are you ready to fry some circuits?

Artifacts have emerged in 16 different cities - the very same route that Kevin Flynn traveled back in '89. He's communicating with us - game on! To get a message back to Flynn, we'll need help on two fronts:
1) Operatives on the ground, ready to intercept every scrap of evidence
2) Online warriors, primed to cause some mayhem on the www

On your marks, get set, Flynn Lives!

Your gaming acumen has brought us to the brink of success - it's now or never!

Because of fans like you, we have a better understanding of Kevin Flynn's state of mind in the months leading up to his disappearance. This data will be essential to our next mission. It's been in the pipeline for months, but the pieces are finally starting to fit together. There is a powerful momentum to our movement, and it has all led to this; it will be the ultimate synthesis of imagination, logic and adventure! Just take a look at our most current discussion forum threads for more details.

The time has come - we will find Kevin Flynn!

Even after two decades, Kevin Flynn's books still pack a digital punch.

In the 1980s, a firestorm of technological advancement and video game fever swept across the globe. At the pinnacle of the revolution, Kevin Flynn was able to capture this phenomenon in three blockbuster texts that remain vitally relevant to this day. If you're new to his work, you can sample a few excerpts of Flynn's writings here. This site was created by other Flynn fans who are celebrating his genius every day. We aren't the only ones! The zeitgeist is building and the will to find Kevin Flynn is more vibrant than ever.

Be sure to listen for audio clips of Kevin Flynn himself, reading from his books while on a cross-country tour that turned out to be his last. He was speaking to us back then... and he continues to inspire us now.

Hey - Zack here, giving thanks to Flynn Lives & cranberry sauce.

Over the past two years, we have re-organized, re-energized and re-galvanized our search for the man who brought arcade culture to the mainstream - and we've gotten this far because of you.

So, take a moment to appreciate one another - we are all seated at the same metaphorical dinner table, and we're almost ready for the main course.

Catch up with you next week, everybody!

Some people's walls just got a whole lot cooler.

Remember how awesome it was to play Challenging Stage V2 on ArcadeAid.com? Well, the first 999 gamers to complete the hidden title search received a snazzy poster of that sweet 8-bit game grid, courtesy of ZackAttack. And everyone else who rocked through all 167 answers got custom-made pins to show off their arcade prowess.

Just our way of showing how much you mean to Flynn Lives - and how much Kevin Flynn means to us all.

Arcade Aid pins have been popping up everywhere - and more are on the way!

Looks like Zack is showing some love to everyone who finished the Challenging Stage, V2. Did you?

These are more than just pins - they're reminders of who we are, what we stand for. We are gamers and we'll wear these pins as a badge of honor. Kevin Flynn blazed a trail by creating the arcade classics that defined a generation... and we will follow his lead
wherever it may take us.

Play the ARCADE AID: Challenging Stage V.2 now!

Challenging Stage V.2 unveiled more of the arcade cityscape we all know and love.

Whether you've never been to ArcadeAid.com before, or if you've been there a thousand times, last week was a momentous occasion. The video game nirvana known as the Challenging Stage experienced a seismic shift, forever altering the layout of its 8-bit game grid. Arcade fanatics explored new buildings, expanded borders and a total of 167 titles hidden within. Have you scoured the streets for every clue?

As cool as this challenge is, it's even cooler to play when you're logged in... especially if your contact info is up-to-date on your Flynn Lives profile page. OK, enough talk - get out there and name those games!

Get ready for the ultimate resurgence of Flynn Lives.

You wouldn't be silenced... and now, your voice is carrying around the world. Thousands of you mobilized in the streets of San Diego and uncovered compelling new evidence that Kevin Flynn is out there. We are closer than ever to finding him - our message has reached critical mass.

But, publicity is a double-edged sword. It's difficult to remain stealthy when all eyes are upon you. We stayed underground as long as we could, but the passion for our cause has boiled over and the time for action has come!

Tell your friends, tell your neighbors and tell the greater TRON community: the End of Line Club was just the beginning...


Click Here

We owe all of our success to your intuition, cooperation and diligence.

We've been through quite a lot over these past few months - from Flynn's Arcade to the infiltration of Encom... from global scavenger hunts to the discovery of a secret work server... from Space Paranoids to the search for Sam - our movement has emerged stronger and more fired-up than ever to find Kevin Flynn.

This is all thanks to you.

You have ignited our resolve and opened up a whole new world beyond our wildest imagination. This is Flynn's realm, and we are closer than ever to finding him.

There's so much more on the horizon - meet-ups to attend, clues to hunt down, mega-huge software companies to keep honest - but, for the next few weeks, we need to lay low. We'll be calling on you before you know it, so stay connected, keep your contact info up-to-date and always remember: FLYNN LIVES!

If you are not part of the movement but would like to join, click here.

...We now have a passageway into Kevin Flynn's world!

In 1989, Kevin Flynn was formulating bold new theories in the fields of gaming, computing and digital evolution. Tragically, he disappeared before he could transform the tech world with these radical concepts. But now, our F.L. members have uncovered one of Flynn's old work servers and revealed a new page in his turbulent history. So, Log On and explore! The following codes will help you start navigating through the techno-breach (move your cursor over the field below):


Curious how we found them? Well, they're all thanks to "glitches" in Space Paranoids. See, Flynn programmed hidden rooms in every sector of the game - you have to bump into some walls to find them, but they're there, trust us! And each room has a curious piece of art hanging in it - check this out:

Take a crack at Space Paranoids and find them all for yourself.

Encom finally gives up the goods on a revamped classic.

Before there was the internet... before we all carried cell phones... before the tech explosion of the mid-80's... there was Space Paranoids. Kevin Flynn dreamt of a world beyond our reality, where Recognizers loom above and tanks bob and weave their way through a glowing, neon labyrinth. Over the years, we have all benefited from that dream and today, we get to experience it anew. The latest version of S.P. preserves everything that was great about the original and offers new insight into the projects Flynn was developing before he disappeared.

We miss you, KF - but, we PLAY in your honor.

Your spot-on detective work led to Sam's whereabouts... but how did you do it?

It was a complex string of clues to decipher, but you did the legwork and tracked down Kevin Flynn's son. Now he has heard our battle cry, he has acknowledged our support, but he moved on before we had a chance to contact him directly... to tell him that he's not alone in the search for his father. We fight to preserve the Flynn name!

To retrace the steps it took to locate Sam, check out this recap.

Help us track him down - he needs our support!

There's a debate brewing on our discussion boards as to the whereabouts of Kevin Flynn's enigmatic son, Sam. Check out what's already been said and get ready to scour the globe for evidence. He's got to know where we stand - Flynn Lives will never abandon the search for Sam's father, no matter where it takes us!

Where is Sam?

It's about time to start brushing up on those tank driving skills.

Encom developed this trailer for "Space Paranoids Online" and even though we hate to give them props, this new incarnation of Flynn's classic looks extra sweet.

See for yourself.

How our stalwart band of protesters conquered Encom

Anticipation filtered through the city of San Francisco (along with the bracing wind and scattered rain). Our intrepid street teams were getting the word out, loud and strong: Kevin Flynn is alive and well! And to show our solidarity, we assembled in the Grand Ballroom at 5 Embarcadero Center just before the main event.

The mood was rousing and festive - we were ready to disrupt the Encom press conference in a huge way... and disrupt it we did.

A big thanks to everyone for their support!

Check out our pre-meeting.

Young Flynn has an announcement of his own.

Looks like Kevin Flynn's son Sam has posted a video on our discussion boards. "89. That was the year everything changed for me," says Sam as he readies his parachute for the jump. "I'm doing you a favor (Alan) because you know and I know that you really don't like these Encom dog and pony shows."

And we thought we were going to steal the stage from Encom last night! Good job Sam, you've outdone us again.

See Sam's own video of the stunt here.

Encom event gets interrupted - TWICE!

Hundreds of people gathered in Justin Herman Plaza tonight as Alan Bradley unveiled that Space Paranoids would be making its way online soon.

But the big news is that our resourceful FL members got everyone's attention by rushing the stage and letting the world know that Flynn is still out there. "While Encom smeared his name to blame him for their mismanagement, while they rack up the profits off of his work - SPACE PARANOIDS IS, WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A KEVIN FLYNN WORK OF ART!" Way to go guys!

The even BIGGER news is that right after the FL interruption, an Encom helicopter appeared and someone skydived out of it - flying right over the crowd and landing next to the stage!

Check out this clip of what went down.

We're ready to make some waves in the city by the bay!

Flynn Lives is on the ground in San Francisco to lay the foundations for our biggest demonstration ever! Encom International's press conference is scheduled for Friday, April 2nd at 8pm in the Justin Herman Plaza and they're making it open to the public... they will soon regret that decision.

We are holding a special Flynn Lives meeting earlier at 6:30pm, and you are an essential part of our mission. To learn more, check out this new site - it's got all the details.


Encom's press conference will have some unexpected visitors (us!)

The suits over at Encom International are gearing up to make some grand pronouncement on April 2nd at the Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. Looks like some notable figures will be in attendance, namely Alan Bradley and some of the executive wing of the company. We can't wait to hear what Mr. Bradley has to say - as for the rest of them, we're sure it's the same old song-and-dance. They haven't acknowledged Kevin Flynn for decades, so why would they start now?

We're going to pay a little visit to their press conference to keep them honest - so get the word out and bring your friends. We need as many supporters there as possible. This is going to be big!

The "Employee-Only" Region of Encom's Intranet Is Now Fair Game

Some very brave operatives have been making major strides in our effort to get a closer look at Encom's inner-sanctum... and we just blew the doors off the place last week. Secret discussions, plans, articles - they're all there, and they're all ripe for the picking

Get to the Encom Employee Intranet by clicking here.

And thanks to the help of Zack and his password cracker, we now have a better picture of their executive branch, from Alan Bradley to their soulless CEO. See for yourself by entering the names of these Encom big-wigs:

Kurt Hardington
Markus Grenwald
Patricia Jalardy
Alan Bradley
Willa Frewer

Access the Password Cracker here.

Reconciling the idealistic Encom of the Kevin Flynn era with the mega-conglomerate of today

Imagine it: losing one of your best friends and most trusted confidants, and then taking the blame (unfairly) for the financial strife of his multi-billion dollar company. Most people couldn't survive such an ordeal...

...But, most people are not like Alan Bradley.

Encom's world-famous Executive Consultant (and go-to guy for good PR) recently sat down with IGN to discuss his complicated history within the company, as well as the topic on everyone's mind: Kevin Flynn.

Click here to watch the Alan Bradley interview on IGN

It's time to breach Encom's firewall of secrecy

They arrived in the mail: laminated passports to a corporate realm of greed and power. Custom made with your picture and a unique ID number, these badges are your entry into Encom International. But, how will we leverage this incredible opportunity? By piercing the nerve center of their top-secret employee/employer network, that's how.. To see what they're up to, check this out.

And if you haven't already done so, create your own Encom badge by clicking here.

Video game challenge yields big rewards

The city was de-rezzing, but you saved the day - nicely done! Don't know what we're talking about? Then, you obviously haven't taken the awesome video game quiz that puts your knowledge of classic titles to the test. Our friends over at Arcade Aid threw down the gauntlet and many of you picked it up and ran with it. Again, nicely done!

From the best action games to your favorite fantasy titles, they're scattered through a virtual cityscape just waiting to be identified. So, for those of you who haven't yet played, check out ArcadeAid.com/challengingstage now!

A Strange Transmission Filters Through Cyberspace

Kevin Flynn's presence has manifested itself in every conceivable form of technology over the past three decades - his soul is in our games, our software, and our very awareness of modern computing. But just two days ago, some very perceptive Flynn Lives members stumbled across a new and bizarre digital artifact. It appears to be a phantom glitch in the system that defies categorization:



What is Encom up to now?

Our intrepid Flynn Lives members are keeping an eye on things over at Encom International. Years ago, they slandered Kevin Flynn's good name and abandoned the search for him... but we never will.

Visit EncomInternational.com

Paris, New York, Boston, Sydney, Las Vegas, Toronto, London...

Last week, Flynn enthusiasts scoured the globe for artifacts from a brilliant career. Kevin Flynn's quintessential video game, TRON, spawned a pop-culture phenomenon - action figures, graphic novels, even TRON trading cards. And it was these trading cards that led fans on a global hunt for evidence of Flynn's existence.

Click here to watch operatives in action

The hunt is on - the time is now!

We are deploying envoys to 27 locations around the world and we need you to meet up with the Flynn Lives contact in your area. Check the link below to find out when and where this rendezvous will take place. Then, get ready to hit the streets.

Can we count on your support?

Click here to help

Thanks to everyone who came to support our continued efforts.

The sound of Recognizers looming above... The sharp edge of a lightcycle's path as it cuts across a digital plain... The flashing lights of an arcade nirvana. These aren't just memories from an awesome era in the recent past - they became a reality!

F.L. members came from everywhere to witness Flynn's Arcade. Vibrant colors filled the neighborhood, music spilled into the street, and word quickly spread that Kevin Flynn's spirit is alive and well.

And it wasn't just an arcade; it was a full-on experience, complete with a life-sized lightcycle prototype. No doubt about it: the event was a big hit and we all had a great time. And now we need to carry our movement to the world stage, so get ready to mobilize - our mission has just begun.

Click here to see what happened

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